HOSTEL MOKU-MOKU Osaka's ordinal life experience type “Creating together” hostel.

Rooms & Facility


Even if it’s your first day of staying, you feel it’s not first time. Rooms are far from cool or gorgeous, but it’s cozy and somehow simple.
An old Japanese room with old furniture, you may sleep well, more than that, you are able to touch upon Japanese way of living.

Dormitory (14 beds)

SUGI room (mixed dormitory)

8 beds ¥2,800-
* every Wednesday 500yen off

“SUGI” means Japanese ceder. The double deck beds are made by SUGI. It’s capsule looking beds, When you get into the bed, just calm. When you sneak out of the bed, it’s lit! Be a kid again.

HINOKI room (women’s only dormitory)

4 beds ¥3,300-
* every Wednesday 500yen off

“HINOKI” means Japanese cypress. Wood smell is about “HINOKI” in Japan. Women’s only dormitory, 2 double deck beds. Small desk is available for powder space. Wrapped up in the aroma of “HINOKI”, you’ll have a good sleep.

Private Room (2 rooms)


FUJI room




* every Wednesday 500yen off

Japanese traditional room with “tatami” and “futon”. Just suitable for 2 persons trip or family usage. “SAKURA” room is more likely tradithinal Japanese room, “FUJI” room has a double deck bed and 1 “futon”, so 3 people can stay.



* After checking in, there is no curfew, you will have the entrance key.

Showayu (The Public Bath)

14:45〜23:30 (closed on Wednesday)

There are free shampoo and body soap. Rental towel (free, 10yen for the second rental towel, 50yen for a rental bath towel) Shower room is also available in this hostel, but we recommend you try Showayu. Off course it is not necessary, the shower room is also fine with free shampoos and towels.


A convenience store is a 1-minute walk away


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Creating together

Our concept is to enjoy “creating” together. Furniture and interior decorating inside Moku-Moku are made together with locals in downtown Awaji and guests at Moku-Moku. We enjoy creating and spending time everyone together.
Art exhibition, food and music events by anyone else will be very welcomed.