HOSTEL MOKU-MOKU Osaka's ordinal life experience type “Creating together” hostel.

with Sento

Our ordinal life is extra ordinal experience for a traveler.
Try Japanese Traditional way of taking a bath at local bath house.

Room Entrance of Sento "Showayu"

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Q & A


Can I have a breakfast at Hostel mokumoku?


A. Sorry, we cannot serve you a breakfast, so far. But there are some good places for you to take a breakfast, launch and dinner. I am sure, they are cheaper and much more interesting. Also, you can buy take-out foods and eat here at community kitchen Mogumogu.
Please ask us for more detail at front of Hostel-mokumoku.


Do you have any discount services like consecutive discount?


We have a special favor depend on your staying nights.
1 night : sorry nothing!
2 nights : Win a Lip made by Origami (Lip Service!)
3 nights : Win a free drink.
4 nights : Win a Origami towel!
5 nights : Win a free stay one night!
So, you can stay 6 nights for 5 nights peyment.
We can not cash back!


How can I take a bath when Showayu is closed every Wednesday?


Off course, you can use shower room at our hostel in 24 hours.


Do you have any laundry service?


There is a coin laundry 3min by walk.


We named our hostel “moku moku” .
“moku moku” is Japanese onomatopoeia.
It explains “mountainous clouds” or “volumes of smoke”
. . . something like that.
Especially when the clouds became bigger and bigger,
it looks like so much “moku moku”.
Or plume of smoke coming out from a chimney,
it’s very likely “moku moku”.

So, we named our hostel “moku moku”
willing that so many people, so many things are
gathering, getting bigger, rising up,
and making in progress.

Please join us to be “moku moku” !