HOSTEL MOKU-MOKU Osaka's ordinal life experience type “Creating together” hostel.


Hostel MOKU-MOKU is
very easily accessible by train!

Super convenient for sightseeing around Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe.

From Hankyu Awaji station
Osaka7min DirectUmeda station
Kyoto35min DirectKawaramachi station
Kobe35min Kobesannomiya station

Hostel MOKU-MOKU is very close from Awaji Station. It takes only 3min on foot!
 To JR Awaji Station, it takes 5min on foot. It’s very easy access from JR Shin-Osaka Station.
Only 10min, 190yen to Osaka Station (downtown of Osaka).
35min, 380yen to Kyoto(Kawaramachi). 36min, 380yen to Kobe(Sannomiya).
 Off course, you can access very easily to any tourist spots such as Universal Studio Japan, Shinsaibashi (famous shopping street), Tenma (great spot for Izakaya and Bar), Ebisucho (symbolizes the landscape of Osaka).
 Please feel free to ask about your plan of sightseeing around Osaka!

Vicinity map

4-33-4, Aawaji, Higashiyodogawa-ku,Osaka 533-0032 Japan

How to get Hostel Mokumoku
from Hankyu Awaji Station.

1. Take West Exit at Hankyu Awaji Station. Go past MacDonald on your right hand.
2. Enter the shopping arcade.
3. Go straight following shopping arcade.
4. When you look up the shopping arcade, you will find the dome. Then turn right and get out from the shopping arcade.
(It takes around 2min on foot from Hankyu Awaji Station.)
5. Go straight.
(your back against the shopping arcade)
6. You will find the “Showayu”(the public bath) on your right.
7. Go past ”Showayu” 1 more block, then you will find Hostel Mokumoku on your right.

Awaji , a ward at Osaka,
friendly, convenient and cozy place.

In Japanese, we call that kind of place “Shitamachi”.

Not too urban, not too rural.
Just local “Shitamachi” Awaji.

There is a convenience store 1min walk from hostel Moku-Moku, there are so many downtown local stores around.
You can enjoy the conversation with local store owners and that will be one of the entertainment in downtown Awaji in Osaka.

Dowtown“AWAJI “ is a part of this city, Osaka. It is NOT Awaji Island.
“Shitamachi” is neither traditional landscape nor downtown. It is rooted on tradition, but tied to modern cultural context. Well, it means simply just a town as it is! Awaji is convenient enough to buy daily things. There is a bit old shopping street and it’s quite reasonable for eating, drinking and shopping.

Experience of local area

Daily life in downtown is extraordinary.

If you are interested in having the experience of downtown Awaji culture in Osaka, we would love to share the information about stores and restaurants that only locals know its cheep and cool. It is often difficult for foreigners to get inside so we will support them to go inside of these local places.

Awaji areamap